We have chosen the highest quality aluminium based alloys to form the basis of our frame-sets. With carefully selected tube profiles, that offers a strong and responsive ride feel without sacrificing durability.  

The frame-sets are made at our factory in Taiwan and we take pride in ensuring that you will receive the highest quality we can offer.

Although it's unlikely you will experience a manufacturer defect, we still strive to provide an excellent crash replacement and warranty program.

Each Vechter complete bike or frame-set entitles the first purchaser to a full 3 years warranty. These conditions are valid for manufacturer or material defects and not for general wear and tear.


All frames are covered for 3 years from date of purchase against manufacturing defects. Valid for the original purchaser only. In the event of a warranty claim, we will repair or replace the defective component on a new-for-old basis.


  • Cracks in welds due to defective material or manufacturing.
  • Cracks in the forks due to defective material or manufacturing.
  • Any misalignment issues with the frame from manufacturing defect.
  • Return postage 1 way only.

What’s not covered

  • Bearings due to standard wear and tear.
  • Non-Vechter componentry (organised through individual suppliers). 
  • Accidental damage (see, crash replacement).
  • Improper assembly or maintenance.
  • Modifications (including a re-spray) or incompatible components.
  • Improper or inappropriate use.
  • Labour charges for replacement of parts or rebuilds.
  • Scratches, paint fades.



We know how hard you push your bikes, on the street and on the track. So we've ensured a crash replacement policy that keeps you covered, and keeps you riding Vechter.

We provide a 5 year replacement policy in the event of a crash during racing, riding on the street, and in the unfortunate event of a vehicle collision.

Year 1: 40% off RRP

Year 2: 30% off RRP

Year 3: 20% off RRP

Year 4 & 5: 10% off RRP

We will provide you with a replacement frame-set or fork. Componentry is not covered. 

*Conditions Apply:

- Proof and date of purchase must be provided. Receipt or order confirmation.

- Details and photos of your damaged/un-ridable frame.

- The discount provided may be used to replace the damaged item/s from the same product group. However the same colours cannot be guaranteed.

- Customer will need to pay for all shipping costs involved with the replacement.  

All bikes provided under our crash replacement policy, are no longer covered. They will still be covered by our standard warranty policy. 

We will still honour a pure manufacturer defect, but only if the defect arises within 3 years of the replacement. We will always strive to ensure our customers are looked after in all circumstances, so please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

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