September 10, 2021 2 min read

Our passion for custom fixed-gear wheelsets.

Australia as far as I can remember has been insulated from the rest of the world when it comes to neche movements. At times this means that it's harder to get your hands on high quality and specifically designed Fixed-gear and Track cycling components. That's why we've teamed up with a reputable carbon rim manufacturer to develop carbon wheels that are fit for purpose. 

We are now able to provide a Custom carbon wheel building service, where we will work with the customer to order rims of any depth, width or hole count allowing us to build the perfect wheelset for your intended use.

Vechter Carbon x Lazerus Track wheelsets Custom

For this latest batch we were required to build 3 wheelsets that would suit both indoor and outdoor track racing. We decided on which depth would be suitable for each build based on new Junior track regulations of 60mm. It was also important that we made the wheels light and strong, opting for Super light carbon layup to Ukrainian Lazerus track hubs. The lacing pattern consisted of 1x front and 2 cross rear with steel nipples to keep these going for years to come. 

Lazerus x Vechter custom fixed-gear wheelsets  
While most high end road wheels that are designed for disc moving towards wider rim profiles and non tubular. We feel it was important to follows were the tech was going by recommending 23mm internal width clinchers as the best option for versatility. And with our hope for fixed crits to make a comeback we made the choice with that in mind.

Custom fixed-gear crit wheelsets by Vechter Bikes Melbourne

If you have a dream wheel in mind and want a taylormade experience that allows for the exact rim depth, hole cound and hub of your choice, feel free to reach out and we can get that process started for you. Keep in mind that all rims are made to order and can take upto 4 weeks to be manufactured and shipped. 

Options available are:

  • Braking surface or Disc
  • Road or Track 
  • 20mm-28mm Rim widths
  • 30-90mm Rim depths
  • 16-32 hole counts
  • Hubs from Raketa, Vechter, Lazerus and more (or BYO)
  • Anodised nipples in various colours
  • Tubeless, Hookless or Tubular options
  • Custom Vechter decals and colours

Lazerus x Vechter custom fixed-gear wheelsets

Get in contact today via our online custom build form or via the contact page.