September 10, 2021 2 min read

All good things have to start somewhere and what better place to do so than at the Handmade Bicycle Show Australia, here in Melbourne.

In late 2019 during our early development phase, we had our hopes of launching in the summer of 2020. But as the world is currently in an unprecedented moment in history, its safe to say there was some uncertainty around production times and our ability to land everything in time. 

Fortunately the arrival of our first prototypes hit the shores just in time for the HBSA early this year, and we were honoured to be showcasing our new product alongside other passionate Australian bike companies like Bastion and Curve.

Bike enthusiasts gather inside the cozy Seawork's exhibition hall. 

The incredibly welcoming community of designers, builders and manufactures all packed into the beautiful Seaworks Williamstown venue, overlooking the port in which the now decommissioned Steve Irwin Sea Shepard vessel resides. Each company was allocated a plinth with various sizes available depending on how many bikes we wanted to showcase allowing for even the smallest builders to be apart of the show. 

With thousands of bike enthusiasts making the journey to Williamstown, to lay eyes on the incredible workmanship of the exhibitioners, made for some very interesting conversations with potential buyers and to get valuable feedback on the product. Vechter bikes being the only track bike company to showcase made our product stand out amongst the plethora of road and gravel. Not only that, we were the most affordable product at the show, with manufacturing outsourced to our Taiwanese factory. We also happened to be one of the only companies to sell 2 units on pre-order in person!

With many old timers reminiscing over their glory days at one of Melbourne's many outdoor velodromes, as they gazed upon our modern aesthetic and design. With many conversations starting with a simple "Hey! Do you like track bikes!?" and turning into a conversation that could have gone on for hours.

We hope to continue to showcase at the HBSA for years to come and help support the growth of Melbourne's vast bicycle manufacturing community. We hope to see you there too!

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